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shingeki no kyojin scenery

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Happy White Day!!


can we just talk about the dmmd short stories for a second?

Just look how happy they are and having fun


And Clear just looks so cute awwwwwimage

Mink seems pretty content tooimage

Aoba and Ren aren’t really doing anything but at least they seem happyimage

but then we get to Koujaku and it’s justimage


this was a request from last year, I did it once but didn’t like it so I never posted it haha;;;  but re-did it
more boring poses O<-< i swear I’ll work on some action poses or sth 


I’ve just read the SBS vol 73 and so freaking out while Oda answer the question “Zoro has never actually called Sanji by name, hasn’t he?”

And he just list all the times that Zoro and Sanji call each other (from vol 5 till then)

OMFG !!! HOW I LOVE ODA after this SBS

and It’s true that in canon story, Zoro has never called Sanji by name.

Sanji did.

He call his husband Zoro by the name 6 times.


by yy

Goodnight my beautiful nakamas! *(*´∀`*)☆

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I just can’t believe it



黒マルマルジャン by うきあそび


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